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Primacy /ˈprīməsē/ N.
The state of being first in order, rank, or importance.

Strategy /ˈstradəjē/ N.
The art and science of planning and marshaling
resources for their most efficient and effective use.

Primacy Strategy Group is proud to represent a wide range of corporations, small businesses, trade associations and non-profits throughout the country, and especially those with regional interests that cross state lines. We are equipped to help organizations advance policy initiatives through multiple state legislatures, work with local governments and state agencies, or build grassroots support for an advocacy agenda at any level of government.

No matter the issue, Primacy Strategy Group will help you stay several moves ahead of your competition and ensure your objectives are met.

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Former Director of the ND Racing Commission
Gunner laCour Joins Primacy Strategy Group

Feb 15, 2018

BISMARCK – Primacy Strategy Group is proud to announce a major addition to our growing multi-state public affairs team with the hiring of Gunner laCour.

An experienced regulator and fixture at the North Dakota State Capitol for the past five years, Gunner R. laCour served as the Director of the North Dakota Racing Commission from 2013 – 2018.

While at the Commission, he oversaw hundreds of millions of dollars in pari-mutuel wagering activity as well as live racing at two facilities in the state. laCour was also responsible for the oversight and investigation of all Commission-regulated activity and regularly represented the Commission before the North Dakota state legislature and related administrative hearings.