Regulatory Affairs– Public Service Commissioners, Attorneys General, and other state agencies with regulatory authority issue rules affecting companies ranging from utility companies to telecommunications to health care to medicinal marijuana and charitable gaming. Our sophisticated team has the knowledge, experience, and relationships to identify and engage the key policymakers to either preserve and protect or advance and grow your business.

The Primacy Strategy Group team has substantial experience collaborating with businesses engaged in procurement efforts. The PSG team with a vast network of relationships across the country can influence and help shape the development of an RFP and meticulously follows all the necessary rules and protocols before, during, and after an RFP is issued. As your partner on the ground, we have the key relationships needed to unlock public sector opportunities and support your business development goals within state, county, and city governments.


  • Regulatory Affairs
    Accessing elected officials and agency heads
    Message Development
    Presentations and testimony
  • Procurement
    Marketing strategies
    RFP identification