From in-district meetings with legislators and Days at the Capitol to high-level meetings with policymakers and agency staff our team has decades of experience when it comes to mobilizing supporters to take action at critical times. In addition, we ensure that the most impactful advocates are attending meetings with the right policymaker.

One of the greatest strengths of a grassroots mobilization effort is the ability to precisely measure every aspect of a campaign and the impact it is having on policymakers. For every phone call made, doors knocked, in-district constituent contact/meeting with elected officials, or online action taken, you can then measure the corresponding shift in your vote count or public support level.

A campaign’s effectiveness in achieving the desired outcome is about finding the perfect mixture of quantity and quality – the Primacy Strategy Group team can identify key decision-makers and generating outreach to make sure the desired message is heard.


  • Grasstops advocate recruitment
  • Canvass and phone program management
  • Letter/E-mail/phone call/social post generation by grassroots/grasstops supporters
  • Letters to the Editor
  • District analysis and power mapping
  • In-district meetings
  • Days at the Capitol

Case Studies

Fiduciary Rule Grasstops Case Study

Members of our team had the privilege to be retained to serve as the Midwest War Room targeting over 40 members of Congress to apply grasstops pressure to bring about a more pragmatic and feasible solution to support Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association’s (SIFMA) policy priorities on the industry critical issue of reform to the “Fiduciary Rule.”

We were responsible for recruiting multiple high-level grasstops influencers for each Congressional target. We helped further educate these grasstops influencers on the significance and urgency to act on this issue, provided them with client-approved talking points, guided them to the most efficient way to make direct contact with the actual member (not just staff). We were then able to report back to the national client the intelligence gleaned through these direct intercepts, who was then able to compare this “outside of the beltway” information to what their lobbyists were hearing from the members and staff in our nation’s capital.

These grasstops influencers primarily were CEOs of large “outside of the beltway” financial institutions, such as RBC Wealth Management, D.A. Davidson, Hefren-Tillotson, Janney Montgomery Scott, etc.

We were proud to have tangibly moved the needle with our Congressional targets and assist in the ultimate delay of the fiduciary rule’s implementation following the Midterm elections and a new Congress was sworn in.

Partnership for America’s Health Care Future (PAHCF) Case Study

Members of our team were retained to spearhead the grassroots/grasstops advocacy efforts calling on Congressional Members in the Midwest to oppose a single-payer health care system on behalf of the Partnership for America’s Health Care Future. We were responsible for mobilizing multiple grassroots/grasstops influencers, including community leaders, local elected officials, and patient advocates.

Our efforts resulted in several state-based organizations formally joining the Partnership, including several local and regional chambers of commerce. We were able to add representatives from these organizations to the chorus or grassroots and grasstops advocates.

Over the term of the contract, in Minnesota alone, our team met with over 150 potential grassroots and grasstops advocates, including current and former state legislators, association heads, Taft-Hartley fund administrators, and patient advocates from all across the state. These efforts resulted in over 40 calls and meetings directly with Senator Smith or her staff, over 30 earned media pieces, and over 30 social media posts tagging the Senator. Earned media pieces include the following:

Surprise Billing

Our team led grasstops and grassroots outreach efforts targeting United States Senator Tina Smith regarding surprise medical billing. We engaged medical professionals, patients, and other advocates to contact Senator Smith’s office to urge her to continue her efforts to advance the STOP Surprise Medical Bills Act of 2019. Over the short term of the contract, our efforts resulted in nearly two dozen letters to the editor, op-eds, social media posts, and intercepts directly with Senator Smith and her staff.