Coalition Against Bigger Trucks (CABT) Case Study

We led grassroots and grasstops engagement efforts on behalf of Coalition Against Bigger Trucks (CABT) in Minnesota, partnering with community leaders and local elected officials to communicate to state policymakers the significant public safety risks and infrastructure problems that would arise if heavier vehicles were allowed on our state and local roads.

When we were first brought on board by the national organization, there were four statewide associations signed on to publicly support CABT’s efforts in Minnesota. Our client set a goal to add an additional six organizations to that list. After meeting with dozens of representatives from these associations over the course of the contract, we were able to add fourteen new statewide associations and two regional associations to that list, exceeding our goal by over 200%.

Over a period of 7 months, our team logged over 5,000 miles meeting with grasstops prospects in 33 counties on behalf of the coalition, completing 252 meetings with potential grasstops advocates and recruiting 126 grasstops supporters for the statewide effort, including dozens of mayors, police chiefs, county commissioners, sheriffs, and other public safety and infrastructure advocates. These supporters generated over 850 meaningful letters to legislators on the issue as well as dozens of additional phone conversations, in-person meetings, e-mails, and local government resolutions.

Our team also helped to generate many news stories and Op-Eds regarding the issues, as well as preparing our grasstops advocates for editorial board meetings. Additionally, we worked to ensure they stayed on-message if called to be quoted in potential stories regarding the effort.