Synergetic Endeavors was retained by the bipartisan Minnesota Legislative Host Committee as Executive Director for the 40th Annual Legislative Summit of the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL). NCSL selected Minneapolis, Minnesota to host the Summit’s 40th Anniversary – the first time this national conference had come to Minnesota.


Our task was to not only ensure a smoothly run convention, but to also leave a lasting positive impression of the Twin Cities and the State of Minnesota with the over 6,000 attendees, which included state lawmakers and their staff from across the country as well as corporate sponsors, lobbyists, a substantial international delegation, and many internationally renowned speakers and panelists such as Yo-Yo Ma, Sir Ken Robinson, Cindy McCain, and General Wesley Clark.


Although we were only formally brought on board 9 months before the summit was to take place (as opposed to the usual 15-18 months), under our management and guidance the Minnesota Host Committee was able to exceed its $1.5 million fundraising goal. We managed the critical aspects of the Legislative Summit that would ultimately determine the success of the event, such as: budget, programming, volunteer cultivation and management, transportation, social receptions (including two 3,000+ person events), guest tours, media relations, and creating new and unique opportunities to showcase everything that Minnesota, as the host state, had to offer.