From in-district meetings with legislators and Days at the Capitol to meetings with policymakers and agency staff in Washington D.C., we have a wealth of experience when it comes to mobilizing supporters to take action at critical times as well as ensuring that the most impactful advocates are attending meetings with the right policymakers. Sometimes a single advocate who is a trusted supporter or advisor to an elected official can have as big an impact as 25 constituents. Again, it all comes down to developing relationships and understanding the connections between your members and supporters and the key decision makers, whether they be state legislators, Members of Congress, Senators, agency heads, or CEOs.

Clearly Defined Metrics for Success

One of the greatest strengths of a grassroots mobilization effort is the ability to precisely measure every aspect of a campaign and the impact it is having on policymakers. For every phone call made, doors knocked, in-district constituent contact/meeting with elected officials, or online action taken, you can then measure the corresponding shift in your vote count or public support level. At Synergetic Endeavors we hold ourselves to a high standard on these metrics and leave no stone unturned to identify and mobilize coalition leaders, their members, and other stakeholders to take measurable actions in support of our clients’ policy priorities.

Relentless Follow Up

You can have hundreds of supporters sign a petition, attend a forum, or contact their legislator, but if you fail to follow up and cultivate that support, build a relationship, and engage that supporter again and again, then you’ve missed a key opportunity. For each of our clients, we tirelessly follow up with our supporters and new advocates because we truly believe that someone who takes proactive action is a valuable part of your organization and a resource that should not be squandered. Our commitment to our clients is to be on call 24 hours a day, in constant communication, and to always follow up. That same commitment extends to the volunteers and supporters of any coalitions that we manage.

Identifying Decision Makers and Capitalizing on Engagement Opportunities

While any seasoned grassroots team can generate hundreds of calls to potential volunteers and supporters, a campaign’s effectiveness in achieving the desired outcome is also about finding the perfect mixture of quantity and quality. Where Synergetic Endeavors excels is in our ability to identify the ten phone calls and meetings with key decision makers that can make or break your effort, while simultaneously having the bandwidth to generate the right volume of contacts to ensure your message is heard. We overcome barriers of entry to ensure every call and meeting takes place – maximizing our effectiveness and minimizing the amount of time spent reaching the right decision makers because we not only already know who to target, but are also able to rapidly make contact and make the ask.


  • Volunteer Recruitment
  • Grasstops Advocate Recruitment
  • Canvass and Phone Program Management
  • Letter/E-mail/Phone Call/Social Post generation by Grassroots/Grasstops Supporters
  • Letters to the Editor
  • District Analysis & Power Mapping
  • In-District Meetings
  • Days at the Capitol

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