What We Do

Our clients include national Fortune 100 corporations with business interests in multiple states, regulated utilities, local businesses, trade associations, and non-profit organizations. Our skilled professionals help our clients communicate their message, engage stakeholders, and achieve their public-sector goals from the capitol to city hall and across state government agencies.

Government Relations

With strong, long-term, personal connections with lawmakers and agency staff our team members collaborate to offer our clients comprehensive services from Minneapolis to Bismarck and beyond.

We have a reputation for being knowledgeable, trustworthy, and politically savvy. Our well-rounded team with broad-based political affiliations has developed a vast network of long-term, personal connections with leaders at all levels of government.

Our team has the capacity to provide saturated coverage of committee hearing, floor sessions, and commission meetings throughout the legislative session, allowing us to become aware of any developments that impact our clients immediately.

“The Primacy team provides invaluable insight and excellent representation for our company in the Midwest. Whether we are looking to partner with public officials or have a policy concern to address, we rely on them to position us for a meaningful and productive conversation with the right people”

– Anthony T. Wilson, Senior Director, State Government Affairs, Microsoft

Public Affairs

From rapid response and crisis communications to day-to-day social media and digital strategy, our team will help tailor your message to your target audience and identify the correct mediums and media outlets to ensure that message is heard.

We have a long and successful history of assisting non-profits, trade associations, corporations, candidates, issue-based campaigns, as well as state & national conventions with their public relations needs. Our team can provide high-level strategic communications planning and message development or execute specific elements of your overall public relations efforts, including press conferences, news releases, media tours, studio and satellite interviews, all working harmoniously with your internal communications team.

Coalition Building

We have a strong track record of building unique, robust coalitions from the ground up and developing, expanding, and executing comprehensive advocacy strategies to ensure the best possible results for those clients.

Our team draws upon decades of experience in planning, managing, and executing all facets of political and issue advocacy campaigns on both sides of the political divide at the local, state, and national level.

We understand that the most successful coalitions have one thing in common: they bring together unlikely allies in support of a common goal and capitalize on the unique strengths of individual coalition members and advocates. We believe in leveraging those strengths as part of a “surround sound” approach to advocacy that delivers the greatest possible impact on elected officials and other policymakers.

Grassroots/Grasstops Mobilization

From in-district meetings with legislators and Days at the Capitol to high-level meetings with policymakers and agency staff, our team has decades of experience when it comes to mobilizing supporters to take action at critical times as well as ensuring that the most impactful advocates are attending meetings with the right policymakers.

Sometimes a single advocate who is a trusted supporter or advisor to a policymaker can have as big an impact as 25 constituents. Again, it all comes down to developing relationships and understanding the connections between your members and supporters and the key decision makers, whether they be state legislators, Members of Congress, Senators, agency heads, or CEOs.

Regional Lobbying Management

Our multistate team specializes in the representation of organizations with regional and national interests crossing state lines. With access to a wide network of partners and policymakers at the local, state, multistate, and federal level, Primacy Strategy Group has the experience and ability to cater to any project.

We have extensive experience advocating for our clients before both legislative and administrative bodies at every level of government in the Midwest and throughout the country. Whether you are seeking support for a specific policy issue before a state legislature, or a procurement opportunity with a governmental agency, our sophisticated approach offers a full range of options, from polite persistence to surround sound advocacy to ensure your objectives are met.

Association Management

Primacy Strategy Group can offer trade associations and professional societies a single firm partnership capable of running all aspects of your organization or providing supplemental bandwidth to augment current staff efforts.

Our clients have ranged from small non-profits and statewide organizations to international business trade groups. These clients have utilized our team’s unique skillset to add depth and breadth to their member and partner development efforts, strengthening the revenue sources that power their associations and helping to more efficiently and cost effectively achieve their desired outcomes.

We can also serve as your PR & Communications liaison, assisting with association publications and digital content, as well as plan and manage association-related meetings, conferences, and events.

Regulatory Affairs & Government Procurement

Public Service Commissioners, Attorneys General, and other state agencies with regulatory authority issue rules affecting companies ranging from electric utility companies to telecommunications to health care to charitable gaming. Our sophisticated team has the knowledge, experience, and relationships to identify and engage the key policymakers to either preserve and protect or advance and grow your business.

The Primacy Strategy Group team has substantial experience collaborating with businesses engaged in procurement efforts, both before, during, and after an RFP is issued. As your partner on the ground we can work with you to unlock public sector opportunities and support your business development goals within state, county, and city governments.