Lianne M. Endo
Federal Relations and Regulatory Affairs
(808) 284-7576

Lianne M. Endo is a member of the Primacy Strategy Group’s Federal Relations and Regulatory Affairs team. She joined the firm’s Federal Relations team in the spring of 2016. Her extensive background enables her to navigate the legislative and executive branches of the federal government effectively, efficiently, and in the best interest of the firm’s clients. She has worked with key players and policy makers in the U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, and executive branch on issues including healthcare, education, labor, criminal justice, Indian affairs, and natural resources. Ms. Endo applies her in-depth knowledge of the political landscape through years on Capitol Hill to accomplish legislative goals and achieve best outcomes for the federal team and its clients.

Ms. Endo joined the firm following her career in the United States Senate working for Minnesota Senator Al Franken in both his official office in Washington, D.C. and on his re-election campaign in Minnesota. She was a key member of his Senate team and was responsible for the campaign’s surrogate operation and helped plan and carry out numerous statewide events for the Senator as well as other elected officials. In Washington, D.C., Ms. Endo was responsible for ensuring that Senator Franken maintained strong relationships with important state and federal stakeholders. Ms. Endo’s knowledge of these groups as well as her political judgment, public relations knowledge, and expert planning abilities have made her effective in her role at LGN.

A native of Hawaii, Ms. Endo graduated from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science, Policy and Management and has a minor in Political Science and resides in Washington D.C.